Square Peg ● Round Hole







Part of my growth process is the realization when things become stagnant, I need to shake it up.  While on this emotional cleanse, it has come to my attention that when I rid myself of a relationship, it needs to be full throttle.   Case in point, I just defriended some people on Facebook that are on my emotional cleanse regiment.  I can disengage with people, but it needs to be complete.  In other words, I can say I am rid of them, but if I still have connections via social media, then nothing has really changed.

I will be honest, that was hard to do. There is the “what will they think” static dancing in my busy brain.    With all that aside, there is a definite freedom.  The feeling resembles closure and it is the ultimate release for the lingering residue.

Honestly, I can’t be true to myself by being fearful of what others will think.   That’s what got me a one way ticket to crazy town.  The realness within me knows that in order to honor my spiritual awakening, I must be aware on my affect on the world.  If I am living a authentic life, then my affect is positive and nurturing.  It spreads like wildfire and people notice and feel the difference.  It is the essence of being true to me.