Square Peg ● Round Hole







I bet the title confused you.  Well, good, at least it got you thinking.   Part of my reality of failure.  Yes, I will admit it, I am not perfect.  Failure is apart of my daily routine.   Now, that sounds negative, but to me, success is defined by how many times one fails.  In order to succeed, you must take that leap of faith and simply make an effort.  You can’t be truly successful, if you haven’t failed trying.

I am not going to sugar coat this, but failing sucks.  Yep, it makes me feel crappy and hopeless, however, each moment of failure is one step closer to success.   I bet that the most successful people, failed before they ultimately succeeded.   Failure is defined as that “bump” in the road, or an obstacle or possibly a closed door.  My theory is that not succeeding immediately makes me appreciate those victories.

As a writer, I have had a ton of failures.  In fact, I have kept every rejection letter sent to me as a reminder.   Those rejection letters represent courage and strength that I put myself out there.  That is successful!    Successfully learning, that in order to accomplish any goals that I have, I need to take the step forward and be willing to receive.  Receive those not so nice words of “thanks, but no thanks”, until one day, the letter reads, “Yes”.   People that play it safe, never move forward.   Take a chance.  Failure leads to success as long as you keep trying.