Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, there can’t be a cleanse without some diligent exercise involved.   Fortunately, it doesn’t involve a treadmill or any particular coach screaming at me.  What is does entail is the willingness to write.   Part of my emotional cleanse is the release portion.  I wrote a letter to one of my “people” with whom I am disconnecting from and found it very therapeutic.  A handwritten letter is the most powerful way to accomplish this task.  I start with why I am disengaging from the relationship and then I move onto the forgiveness portion.   Actually, saying that I forgive someone is a powerful statement.  The problem is that you really have to mean it, otherwise, the connection is still intact. Unresolved issues will bubble up and you find yourself at square one.   After you write it, light it on fire symbolizing the ending of the relationship and the beginning of a new and more peaceful existence.

Now, the writing of the letter and burning of it may have to happen more than once.    If you are still obsessing about it, chances are you haven’t forgiven.  No worries.    Keep writing and burning, eventually, the images and anxiety of the relationship will disappear.

True diligence is essential for moving on from a toxic relationship.   Patience,prayer, and meditation are also very helpful in expanding your sense of peace.    Through the process, remember to be good to yourself.