Square Peg ● Round Hole







I grew up believing that the more you give, the more you will receive.  Giving fills me up and makes me feel good.  We all want that right?  Of course, I have grown to realize there are limits.   Why, you ask?  Simply, there are those individuals who do nothing but take, so there ends up being a lopsided relationship.  Part of my emotional cleanse involves ridding myself of the sultry moochers who do nothing but take advantage of my generous ways.  I am a little slow on the uptake, but after giving money, emotional support, and my time, I began to realize that I wasn’t being filled up.  I didn’t feel good anymore because I realized that these takers weren’t continuing the cycle.

The cycle is basically, continuing to give (it doesn’t matter what whether it’s time, talent, or monetary).  Once you receive, you give back.  It is a fairly easy concept. What I experienced was these individuals abandoning relationships once the opportunities of receiving had dried up.  Hard lesson to learn, but I am much richer for it.  Yes, when you give there should be no strings attached, but on the other hand, when the constant “hand out” becomes a pattern, then it is time to set the boundary or in my case, flush the relationships.

There is a freedom of giving without an attachment to receiving.  That’s why I enjoy random acts of kindness or supporting a local cause.  There are pros and cons to being “the giver”, but one has to figure out their own boundaries.  Do I regret being generous?  No, but I regret allowing those individuals to tarnish my giving heart.