Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am been laughed at, ridiculed, given weird stares, and basically, called crazy, for my insane love of animals.   My husband used to joke that we have a flashing neon sign on our home that invited these homeless animals to join our family.  All joking aside, I would take in every animal if I could.

At one point, we had five cats and three dogs.  All of these four legged animals have a part in my story.   They are teachers of unconditional love.  These are the family members that don’t care that I am not perfect.  They welcome me with a soft purr or a big kiss.  All of our pets are rescues and their stories are heartbreaking.  I like to think that our presence has enhanced their lives since I know mine is better for having them in it.

I am wary of people who don’t like animals.   It says something when a part of your heart is closed to voiceless creatures.  Pets are therapeutic and loving.   When they pass, I grieve as I would for my human family members.  They contribute so much to our dynamic.  Endless hours of entertainment are provided along with cuddles, cat/dog chases and loyalty.    I am their voice, their mom, and their trusted friend.  I am honored that they have been placed in my care as they relax me, ground me, and remind me that in the big picture of life, all is well.