Square Peg ● Round Hole







There is something so therapeutic about the writing process.  Telling my story sometimes shifts my perceptions of who I think I am.  It is a powerful tool that, when I am lucky, uncovers an answer to a burning question or clarifies a certain situation.  I journal a lot as that is where I have encountered a great deal of healing.

The mind of a writer is complex and simple at the same time.  It is a mixing bowl full of complicated scenarios both real and fictional itching to be released on paper.  The gratifying thing, in my opinion, is when my fictional writing heals my non fictional life.  Putting characters in my developing books encompass real life individuals that allow me to work through my emotional muck until it no longer has power over me.  It provides a humorous outlet along with a wicked sense of satisfaction.

I am merely a character in my own story.  Reaching for my greatest potential is the plot.   If I am open and willing, the plot will reveal a unique woman who is using the process to fortify her growth process.