Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, as much as we try, sometimes, we are dragged into someone else’s drama.  Social media is especially deceptive as cryptic messages are posted.  People respond with “what’s going on?” or “what’s happening?”.  The creator of such post never answer the question or they taunt the readers with another cryptic post.    It is a tangled web of attention getting that is fed by inquiring minds wanting to know.   Or there are those that constantly draw on the negative and complain about everything. It is a double-edge sword of sorts.

My theory is that “attention seekers” are prevalent everywhere, but social media is the ideal platform for such exchanges.  As much as I am a proponent of everything “social”, I have to say this is a negative for me.  My part, is taking what I like and leave the rest.

For me, social media provides a channel to promote my column and share funny experiences that occur within my family.  On the off chance, there is a difficult situation, I may share in order to gain some experience, strength and hope.  It allows me an opportunity to reach a vast quantity while feeling a community of support in the process.    However, the majority of my sharing is light and airy.   I present my authentic self.  What you see, is definitely, what you get…..on and off social media.

Life is a play and we all have are roles.  What I am learning is that everyone has their own version of  reality.  While I might think someone is living in a dream world full of unicorns and glitter, I need to realize that may be their truth.   Everyone’s reality looks different.  It is up to me to continue to expand my authenticity in order to grow and thrive.  That is my two cents.