Square Peg ● Round Hole







It is only natural that as humans, we cringe when what we consider “bad things” happen to us.   We question the universe.  We bellow to anyone, “why me” and then we wait for the next “bad thing” to happen.   I only put the word “bad” in quotations because I refuse to believe that bad things happen to me.  What occurs is an opportunity.  Sometimes it is a difficult turn of a events like a loss of a loved one or a dire diagnosis that brings one to question the events.   For me, it is all in how I respond that affects the process.

Almost twenty years ago, I had one of those “why me” moments.  Bailey was born with Down syndrome and it was a shock as we had no idea during the pregnancy.   My first reaction was a blur, but I do remember jumping into my new role as his mother feet first.  I did wallow and grieve, but I always put his needs first.  As I look back, I realize how grateful I am that my journey entailed this opportunity.  Watching Bailey be successful and loving his life only reaffirms that while at times I may have said “why me”, I now say, “why not me”.  Being chosen to be his mother fills my heart.   He encourages me to be a better person by the way he lives his life.   So, when given hardships, I am quick to “thank God”, for it is through those obstacles that I come through stronger, happier, and full of gratitude.