Square Peg ● Round Hole







I live in a nice neighborhood with sprawling lawns and well-managed homes.   It is safe and welcoming which is a red flag.  Why?  Well, simply put, I have become too comfortable.  Complacent, if you will, that nothing bad will happen.  Fast forward to this morning, when I opened my car and found the items from my glove box strewed about the passenger seat.   First thought, crap, I didn’t lock my car.  Second thought, what’s wrong with my CD collection that they didn’t steal it?  Okay, my thought process is a little odd, but it brought me to a state of awareness.

In order for me to be aware, I have to be in the present moment. My thoughts are racing as I go through my day which takes me away from what is currently happening around me.   This situation was a wake up call, of sorts.   While I was fortunate that nothing was stolen or damaged, it still makes me think about the safety of my home and my family.

Awareness of my surroundings will allow me to be alert while maintaining a level of peace.   It is a huge awakening to me that being complacent and somewhat haughty about my environment, is a dangerous place to occupy.  So, I thank the petty thief or thieves for their invasion of my car.   They have provided me with a much needed wake-up call.   I’m still bummed, however, that my CDs were not good enough for them.