Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yes, we are all done with this weather.  The frigid cold and the lingering snow doesn’t put many of us in a happy mood.   The general tone on social media is leaning toward the negative, chronic complaints, and snarky tones.    I realized yesterday after perusing, that we might be missing the big picture.  Please don’t think I am lecturing.  I am the first person that can throw out some sarcastic comments in regards to this weather, but I realized something that I thought I would share.

First, we are protected from the elements.  Think of all those people and animals that are living out in this dangerous weather. Second, it is February.  Where we really expecting to get out of this winter without dicey weather?  Oh wait, and third, it is WINTER.  We live in a climate that supports four seasons.   I think the one thing that people forget is that we have had an abundance of sunshine.  Sun is pretty sparse in the winter.  Welcome Sun, you are appreciated!

I guess what I am saying is, we need to stop looking at the negative and think about all the blessings that we receive.  When I look around me at the world at large, I realize that my life is pretty full.   A little snow and cold will pass.   Trust me, I am not that chick that goes around talking about how life is full of rainbows and butterflies, but I am smart enough to know when my life is good.

So while you are warm and toasty in your homes today, think about those things you are thankful for and soak up that.  At least that is something that can warm your heart.