Square Peg ● Round Hole







We all have a story that we are in the process of creating.   Part of my story, is raising a son with Down syndrome. I don’t believe in coincidences, instead  I love the reference of Godincidences.  I had situations that, in my opinion, gave me a foreshadowing of having a special needs child.   First, was when I was two and wasn’t walking.  My parents took me to a orthopedic,who quickly diagnosed me with Down syndrome, based on my appearance.  Apparently, my eyes were slanted.  Fortunately, my parents had me tested and the rest is history.   The second time was watching the popular show “Life Goes On”, which had a character that had Down syndrome.  I was hooked on the show and feel drawn in by this delightful young man.  He made my heart smile and it was refreshing to see him shine beyond his diagnosis.

I truly believe that God was providing subtle hints to prepare me.  Our responsibility is paying attention to the gentle whispers or subtle nudges.   While I was full of fear and anxious of about his future, I never once felt alone. Somehow, I was always lead to the next right thing.   Staggering, as I think back of all the decisions, obstacles, and victories that have fallen in our path.   He has emerged as a remarkable human being that shows me everyday what it is to be fully content with life.     Yes, I have a part in his journey, but there have been so many individuals placed in his life that have changed the course and opened new doors of acceptance.

This experience alone has taught me to listen with purpose and respond with meaning.  It has allowed me to be teachable while at the same time, being an educator.   Bailey has emerged the most profound teacher in my life.  I still fumble with this parenting gig, but he shows me that with an open heart and mind, anything is possible.