Square Peg ● Round Hole







It is such a shame that we use the labels of success and failure. For me, it sets a scary tone in which I tend to hesitate.  What if I fail?  Instead of using such labels, I prefer to remind myself that if things don’t go as I planned, I did produce a result.  That result is an opportunity to learn something.    Every choice is a chance to achieve something whether it goes the way I imagined or not.

I think society inhibits our freedom to explore.  There are so many labels that evoke a negative vibe.  It is no wonder there is so much pressure to succeed.   To me, my biggest successes are when I take that leap of faith.   The unknown peaks my interest and whether it turns out the way I planned or not, I successfully took the first step in achieving the goal.

It is brave initiate any new endeavor.  Our biggest obstacle is not labeling the outcome, but to embrace it.   Not to quit, but to move forward and trust in the process.