Square Peg ● Round Hole







It is created within the depths of my mind.  The dark, dank area that no one should enter alone, yet I do…..all of the time.  I can take a simple situation, analyze it, dissect it, and create this unimaginable scenario.  Maybe it is the writer in me or maybe I am just a lunatic, nevertheless, I am a creator of fiction, all in my head.

By now, I should be a bestselling author with all the components of unimaginable theories.  The advantage for me, is that I do amuse myself on a regular basis.   I have forged conclusions to situations that I have little or no information, yet, in my head, I do have all the information.

Did I say that I amuse myself?  Yes, it is a common practice that while I do have the awareness of forging into my “bad neighborhood” on a regular basis, after all is said and done, I can easily giggle about how differently the reality of the situation evolved.

It is one of my many quirks that keeps me learning, evolving and discovering the ability to laugh at myself.   One of these days, my distorted mind will produce an amazing bestseller.  Until then, I will be comforted by the knowledge that the stuff swimming in my head isn’t all factual.