Square Peg ● Round Hole







As a writer, I am most comfortable hiding behind my laptop.  It allows me to do what I do best in the privacy of my own home.   So, imagine my shock, when I was asked to do a public appearance in relation to my column.   WHAT?!?!?!   Crazy, isn’t the word that came to mind, more like “Oh, shit” or “What the hell?”.   I said yes, and went promptly from peaceful to bat-shit fearful.  Why am I fearful?   Well, maybe it is because it puts me in a vulnerable light.   Or, even more so, maybe I am scared no one will want to meet me.  At least my ego isn’t scared to make a public appearance.

People that have known me for years, laugh at the notion.   Along with me, they don’t think of me in a “celebrity” status.   I write.  That is pretty much a summation of my career.  Yes, my column is pretty popular, but that is really the extent of it.  Basically, I am an introvert who is shot out of a cannon and forced to be an extrovert.  If you just met me, you would disagree, however, I play the part of an extrovert very well.

The older I get and the more I write the easier it is for me to escape to the land of words.   Cloaked in a warm aura of creative thoughts, I can spend hours in a pretend world creating stories.  Put me in a room with complete strangers and all bets are off.  I guess this opportunity will give me a chance to step outside of my comfort zone and experience something out of the ordinary.   So, here I am world, vulnerable and not real anxious to meet you, but in my experience, it I don’t take the leap of faith, then I am robbing myself of what could be a chance of a lifetime.