Square Peg ● Round Hole







As the snow continues to quietly fall depositing a thick, white blanket over the ground, I am mindful of several things.   First, I know that while I strive to be a good listener, sometimes, my biggest problem communicating is that I don’t listen to understand, I listen to reply.   My mind works overtime to be able to express some profound thought or to quickly share my own experience.    It serves me well to pause while someone is speaking and to really absorb every word that they say.

My second awareness is about stress.   I realize that stress is merely discontentment.   It is my own belief that when I am stressed, I am unhappy with what is, while yearning for how I believe a situation should evolve.   It is essentially my will versus God’s.   If I place myself in a position of contentment, no matter what is lurking around the corner, my stress would disappear and I would be in a place of peace.   Sounds blissful, right?  Sometimes it feels impossible, but what I am aware of is that when I am in a place of contentment, it is less likely for me to feel fearful or stressed.  If I am trusting, faith-filled, and completely at peace, then any and I mean ANY situation can flow.  It is a practice that challenges me everyday.   Accepting what is for what isn’t and checking my fear based reactions at the door, can provide me with that sense of calm that all is well.  Guess, what?  All is well despite my reactions, my fear, and my stress.  I am my biggest obstacle.