Square Peg ● Round Hole







I often hear people spout off about how other people’s actions are a reflection of them.  While I will agree to a point, I often wonder if that is an individual’s way of deflecting from their own behavior.    You see, when I disengage, it frees me from any toxic residue, however, I don’t dismiss my own behavior.  Owning my part in any relationship change is vital in order for me to learn from a particular pattern.   Are we a community of deflectors?  It is easier to blame bad behavior on others?

I have to ask the hard questions as I walk through my own emotional cleanse.   I have reconciled my part in the unhealthy relationships that I have encountered in my life.  It isn’t any of my business if those individuals deflect from their own part in order to console themselves.  It is easier to blame rather to admit.

Sometimes, their deflection becomes their reflection.  An odd turn of events, indeed, but I believe in the boomerang effect.   What you put out there, generally, comes back around. If I am on purpose and treating hurdles as reminders to trust in what I feel deep within me, I will be fulfilling my own intention of becoming the person I hope to be.