Square Peg ● Round Hole







Our mindset in this fast paced society, is how we can be successful and how fast can it happen.  It seems everything gravitates to “when this happens, then I will be happy” or “when this changes, then I will be happy”.  When did we start putting conditions on being happy?   Years ago, I was in that specific mode of believing that when the situations or events in my life happened and they went a certain way, then I would be happy.  I wasn’t able to swim in that pool of joy until everything was “perfect”.   Obviously, that is completely unrealistic as life is as unpredictable as the weather.   Waiting on “perfection” to be happy leaves us, well, unfulfilled.   So, what can be done to remedy this?

True success is in honoring your authentic self.    Doing what makes you happy is your success.  Appreciating what is in front of you while also being grateful for how far you have come breeds contentment.   For me, the practice of finding peace and happiness in the everyday makes my life full.  I am no longer “waiting”, but instead focusing on the present moment.    Truth be told, some days are more authentic than others, but it is in our human nature to experience our ups and downs.   Enjoying the ride without conditions opens us up for encounters that can be life-changing.