Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am my own worst critic.   Others could be singing my praises, but if I am not at peace with me, those praises are muted.  Recently, I have been having harsh words with myself.   With the recent defriending of several on Facebook, I thought that would help me move forward, but instead those people are taking up residence in my head.  Why it is that I am allowing them in rent free?  Well, I can answer that with one word……shame.  Yes, I am full of shame that I am permitting these individuals to have so much power over me.

I have code words for myself when those people creep into my head, but even then I still manage to swim in my thoughts.   Part of my process, is acknowledging my part in the relationship.  While the behavior of these individuals isn’t acceptable, I have to remember that there our two sides.   I am not always respectful and I have a hard time being kind when in their presence.

So what is my next step?  Well, be patient with myself.  Gentle steps toward emotional sobriety.  It is a long process.  I am on a journey of acceptance of me.  So sometimes I am going to sweat the small stuff.  The reward is I am on the road to recovery and it won’t always be this hard.