Square Peg ● Round Hole







It is so easy for me to plow through my day unaware of the beauty and blessings going on around me.   Focused on my “to do” list, I miss the opportunity to pause.   My daily ritual starts out with a conversation with God, praying for His will and those that are suffering.   Maybe my conversation is robotic as sometimes, I forget to thank him for the new day.  Another opportunity to improve my soul.

I was reminded by a very wise woman about the concept of mindfulness.   Being mindful of every moment instead of wishing the day away.   That tunnel vision that implores my humanness to rush through my tasks deflects me from something amazing.

So today, my conversation with God was different.   I thanked him for yesterday and for giving me a new day full of possibilities.   It is all about me not taking a moment for granted.  Even in dark times, my ability to see the good is improved once I show gratitude for the situation.  The state of being still, pausing, and exhaling can shift my perception from dismal to thankful.