Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am a firm believer that my children are the best teachers.  Yesterday, I was bubbling with pride over my youngest, Bryce.   He is my very sensitive child who gravitates to being close to home.  Not being a social butterfly, like many of his friends, I use to worry about his desire to hang out with us.

Since his trainer duties with the football team are on hiatus, his schedule consists of school and then coming home.   A couple of days ago, he told me that he was staying after school to attend a club meeting.  I was intrigued thinking that a bunch of his friends are going, so that would be why he wanted to participate.  Imagine my surprise when he indicated that there was no one going that he knew, and that he was just interested in trying it.

I was in awe of his comfort level.  The ability to immerse myself in a new endeavor is a bit intimidating even at the ripe old age of 47.    I guess I look back on my teenage years and remember having low self-esteem.   Venturing out of my comfort zone was never in my mind.   I played it safe.  Only participating if I knew someone else.

I admire his ability to be at ease with himself.  This was the young man who in grade school was the only boy to participate in the knitting club.  He isn’t consumed about other people’s opinions.  I find that refreshing, as I can still be affected by other people’s attitudes.

Bryce is walking through life, whether he knows it or not, with a lot of faith.  He is comfortable with the person that is evolving.  I am not egocentric enough to believe that it is solely based on parental involvement.  I like to think that his growth into this astounding human being is driven by a mixture of positive influences that have touched him.   Grateful that he is such a wonderful guide for my life and one of my greatest teachers.