Square Peg ● Round Hole







As humans, we are all on a quest to learn about ourselves.  I call it a soul search as it is deep and richly spiritual.   I spent years so focused on others, that I was a virtual stranger to myself.  The inner working of my being was foreign and mysterious.   I have learned some interesting tidbits about myself in the process.

While I appear to be an extrovert, I am really uncomfortable in many social situations, hence the joke about me “disliking people” among my group of close friends.  I am also hesitant when stepping outside of my comfort zone.  Which is why I created a bucket list that gathers my fears on a page and allows me to conquer them one at a time.  These are just a few items of self-discovery that has launched me into, not only knowing myself better, but figuring out who I want on this journey with me.  The more I learn about me, the more I realize how I cheated myself over the years because of my lack of inner knowledge of me.

The awakening has slowly peeled away the layers of the unknown to reveal someone who really loves herself.  This newly rejuvenated woman wants only the best for herself.  She puts her oxygen mask on first, so to speak, in order to be available for others.   She is slowly emerging from being a stranger to herself to being best friends.