Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have lived with the notion that my feelings are factual.   If you asked me, I could give you a fantastic argument on why that was true.   However, the longer I experience situations, the more I realize there are ingredients that contribute to my mistaken understanding that feelings are facts.   Depending on my mood, feeling can create havoc.  If I am already frustrated, disgruntled, or just plain irritated, my encounters with people can twist my feelings into a knot.   My perception can often become distorted.  Change my attitude to a positive, happy, and spiritually balanced individual, and you will see that same situation in a different light.   There is shift.

My attitude is the contributing factor for my dis-ease (not a misspelling….just a fun way to get my point across). My dis-ease prompts me to react, feel victimized, and frankly, cloud the reality of the situation.   When I am in a good place, those same feelings are invisible.  It really only took forty plus years to figure this out.  No one ever said this process was easy, but my tool box is brimming with amazing equipment.  I don’t do this perfectly, by any means, but I have more awareness that I can be a prisoner of my feelings.  Sometimes the emotional attachment of a situation can get me into trouble, but allowing myself an opportunity to pause, brings me back to the core of the situation.