Square Peg ● Round Hole







There was a time I wanted to change the world…..one person at a time.   If you crossed my path, I could give you a thousand ways to better yourself.    The major problem was me.    Looking back, I wonder how in the world I maintained any relationship with my haughty “if only you would do this” attitude.

Maybe I have gained some wisdom or, it is possible, that I have banged my head against the wall so many times, it has finally been ingrained that I need to be the change that I want to see.   It isn’t easy being the change.   People are hesitant when you behave differently.  Some stay while others will leave.   The important aspect is being true to myself.

I am evolving everyday into this unique individual.    In no way am I perfect, but I am a better version of me.   While there are urges to encourage others to change, to blossom into their own personal best, I watch as an observer.  After all, they have their own journey.   If everyone were on the same path, it would be crowded and no one would have room to explore, learn, and blossom into the human being they were meant to be.  When I change, others may stay the same, but it shifts the relationships and the situations to a more positive experience.   Grateful, that just for today, I can be the encouraging without be discouraging.