Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am guilty of going about my day in a robotic fashion.   It is a habit that I take on tasks without thinking about what I am actually doing.   I am sure you have had similar experiences.   For example, driving and not remembering how you even got to your destination because you were so into your thoughts.    It didn’t occur to me until someone spoke about mindfulness and being fully present for every action taken.  As I write this, I am fully engaged.  Thoughtfully, typing each word and hoping that what I am writing makes sense.  That is an example of complete mindfulness.  My thinking is completely focused in the present.

I tested this new found presence while I walked on the treadmill this morning.    Focusing on my breath as my heart started to beat faster, the sound of the music and how it made me feel, and how my body was instantly engaged.  With that being said, my thoughts began to wander.  I had to actively bring myself back to the present…..over and over again.    Ideally, I had hoped it would be an easy task, but like anything in life, it is a process.

Of course, with my new found awareness, I hope to be more present.   Sometimes, it is easier to be lost in my thoughts, but then I miss out on all the amazing things going on around me.  Sure there is some stuff I would rather not experience, but then I am truly not living.  Living  means being fully engaged.