Square Peg ● Round Hole







This is has been an extremely long week filled with a lot of raw emotions.   My brother-in-law, who is 49, had a stroke and my husband, who has many health issues, has been struggling with pneumonia.  These two situations alone has caused me to pause and truly reflect on the miracle of how God works in my life.   Aside from all the chaos, there have been such gratitude to focus on and prayers that have been answered.

It has also given me a glimpse into how amazing my three nephews are during this crisis.   I can’t begin to express the maturity, poise, and love these boys have shown to each other during this time.   Keep in mind, my oldest nephew is 25 while the youngest is 14.   The two older ones have been tender and loving with the “baby” boy.  It has been a gradual unfolding for me, as an observer, to witness the compassion shown with these three.  Part of my greatest gift, in life,  has been the opportunity to be apart of their lives.

After pushing through the week, I finally had an emotional meltdown.  I think when confronted with a lot to process, our emotional state is compromised.   This morning I welcomed the flow of tears.  It is my way of cleansing and allowing myself to feel.   The tears were a release of fear, gratitude, and sheer exhaustion.   So grateful for the miracles that have been experienced and how God’s grace has been present through the process.