Square Peg ● Round Hole







You did not misread the title, but if you took it literally, then God bless you.   As we all know, hardware stores do not stock bread, so why do we still stroll the aisles looking for it?   In relationships, there are always individuals who we want desperately to encompass a trait.  Maybe we are looking for them to be more loving, compassionate, honest, or simply, present.   We continue to revisit that same person for a particular thing when time and time again, they are unable to deliver.   Simply put, they don’t have the tools.  (Isn’t that cool how I tied in the hardware store with tools?)

Several years ago, after beating my head against the wall over unrealistic expectations of others, I remember hearing that you can find what you feel is missing by turning to other people.   You can always get what you need, it just may not be where you expect to find it.   If I keep going to the hardware store for bread, I am missing out on the grocery store that actually carries it and other varieties of delicious bread as well.   I love that my relationships are an eclectic mix of humanness that allows me to be aware that if I am looking for support, then I don’t go to “so and so” or if I am looking for a good listener, then I go to “so and so”.  It allows me to not take my relationships hostage by caging people in prisons of my unrealistic expectations.   By seeing people as they are, it allows a shift in my perception and big, fat reality check.