Square Peg ● Round Hole







After speaking with a friend this morning, I was struck by how we tend to focus on what others have and what we are lacking.    I pondered for a bit to reason out why that is.  Are we constantly comparing ourselves to where we think the grass is greener?   For me, I know that when I used to feel unfulfilled, I would yearn for what others had or what I thought they had.   While my life is far from perfect, I no longer pine away for someone else’s live.  You see, their outsides might look good, but their insides might be a hoarder’s dream.

My life today is fulfilling and gratifying, but left spiritually empty, and I can lean way to the other side where I am full of envy.   I know people that put on a fantastic act.   Similar to an Academy Award performance, however, their actual existence is based on appearances.  It is when you shed that costume of illusion that life begins to become real, lessons are learned, and opportunities presented.

Wanting what others have is not honoring my own life.  It is focusing on what I consider lacking in my life and investing my valuable time pining away from something that is not mine.   When I can find simple happiness with what I have to work with, then I know I am living an authentic existence.