Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yes, being a mom is hard work.   I literally have a list of stuff that needs to be done.  Sometimes, my brain looks like that episode of I Love Lucy where she can’t keep up with the conveyor belt.  I am no different than any other mom.  I do my best and, fortunately, have a sense of humor to cushion those epic fails.

Today, I wake up like any other school day and get Bailey going.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find out that school was closed, due to the looming snow event that is destined to make this city lose their minds.   He was dressed and ready to go, only to have me tell him of the no school issue.  Then, thinking ahead, I started to chop some potatoes to make a pot of creamy soup.   Patting myself on the back for my industrious ways, I neglected to turn on the crock pot.  Fortunately, I figured it out before dinner would need to be served.   Sensing a pattern to my day, I smile and laugh.    Just another day of being a scatter-brained mother.

Honestly, I can’t be too hard on myself.   The reality is, like everyone else, I am doing the best I can.   Sometimes it is all about seeing the brighter side and giving myself a break.    Finding humor allows me to simply be human.