Square Peg ● Round Hole







I was reminded today how other people’s attitude can quickly consume me, if I allow it.   A lady berated me for basically cutting in front of her, but she apparently neglected to hear my very polite, “excuse me”.   She also called me a very unkind name.   In the past, that would have ruined my day.  I would have obsessed over it, dreamed up exchanges to explain how wrong she is, and the very best, shared it over and over again.   I will admit, I instantly went on the defensive.  Why it is necessary for me to explain my actions to people, even if I did nothing wrong?  First of all, I think it is human nature to err on the side of defensiveness when attacked unnecessarily.   My reminder was the other goodness in the world.

In that short instance, I was greeted warmly by an acquaintance, had a humorous exchange with a worker at the store, and gave a friend a hug in the parking lot.  Viola, my emotions shifted.   I went from confused and angry to soothed and happy.    The difference for me, is the awareness of how in that moment, synchronicity took hold and the universe opened its happy door for me.    No longer was a prisoner of that women’s negativity.  Instead, I am the receiver of human goodness, simply because I was aware.

I have no idea what goes on inside other humans. Maybe she is having a bad day.  Maybe someone she loves is suffering.  Maybe she is grieving or maybe she is naturally miserable.  My point is that I can’t take on anyone else’s toxicity.   It is a sense of renewal for me to move of with my day.  I can rebound.  I can make sure that situation doesn’t taint me from the amazing day ahead of me.