Square Peg ● Round Hole







When I plant my garden each spring, I make a list of all the vegetables and any other yummy goodness that make my taste buds sing.      I prepare the soil, provide water and nourishment, and then I wait.   Similar to a child on Christmas morning, the first sign of growth fills me with a sense of giddiness and anticipation for the fruits of my labor soon to be ready for consumption.

Life is a lot like a garden.    Sometimes there is beautiful green growth.  Sometimes the growth is overcome by weeds that are diligently cleaned up to provide a clear path for our plantings to blossom.   There is always the unexpected that continues to challenge.  Unrealistic expectations of others can smother us like weeds strangling our beloved garden.

I have worked hard on my expectations.    I hate to say that I have lowered my standards, but I do recognize when people in my life are not able to provide what I had hoped that they could.   It is disappointing?  Yes, but I can chalk it up to a lesson learned and move on to those around me who are able to provide me with whatever I feel that I am lacking.

My garden isn’t perfect, but I love the emergence of new life and the ability to accept the weeds and any other interference that are experienced.   When I remove resentment, anger, regret, and blame from my internal garden, I open the door to a new way of thinking.  The ability to see situations and people for exactly where they are, allows me to flourish in compassion and new found understanding.