Square Peg ● Round Hole







Why it is that we can instantly feel shamed or guilty even if we are doing what is right for ourselves?   I know the pattern of my tangled mindset where I start to believe those feelings that are churning within my being.   I guess I was programmed by my mother.   Bless her heart, she brought me up with a great deal of wonderful attributes, but her generation also brought shame and guilt within their baggage.   From a young age, I could swim in shame as a result of not living up to people’s unrealistic expectations.   At the time, I didn’t realize they were unrealistic, I just thought I was  disappointing people.

The realization for me is to be mindful of how I perceive myself.  It is important that I quiet those voices that tell me I am not enough with voices who affirm and support me.  Sounds crazy, I know, but I am my own limitation.  The obstacle that stops me from acknowledging I am enough and I do enough. So much guilt and shame can smother me at a moment’s notice.  I just need to recognize that if someone is shaming me, then that is reflection of them.    Sometimes the greatest gift I can give myself is the affirmation of forgiving myself and others.