Square Peg ● Round Hole







As I go through my day, I am inundated with noise.   The outside influences of the passing traffic, honking horns, and abrupt garbage collection.   My home is equally as loud with barking dogs, teenage boys whose voices have no volume control and a barrage of ringing and dinging from my cell phone.   I guess that is why my favorite time of the day is after everyone leaves for school and work.   Where I own the silence.   The only hint of noise comes from the gentle sleeping breaths of my two dogs and the click of my fingers walking the keyboard.  For me, silence lends me a space where I can experience stillness.    It beckons me to stop and stay awhile.  I think that is the reason that meditation and prayer are so key to my sense of balance.

On the weekends when everyone is home, I often have trouble adapting to the mornings.   Television blaring and active talking tends to tease my nerve endings.  I often have to escape to another part of the house just to soak of the silence.     It is a little quirky.     Maybe I am overstimulated or possibly, sensitive to the noisy clutter of the world itself, or perhaps I long to appreciate a place that is full of contemplation without the diversion technology offers.

I truly believe that these precious moments when I soak up the silence are the very times that I regain clarity.  My purpose is to expand on what God gave me.  Silence allows me the space to identify who and what I hope to become while learning what no longer works for me.  It is gentle reminder of simplifying my life.