Square Peg ● Round Hole







I often look back and gasp at how far I have come in my journey of self-discovery.   The first step, in any journey, is deciding you are no longer willing to stay were you are.   When do you know it is time to move on to another chapter?   For me, it is the feeling of being uncomfortable.     A common practice for me was to ignore those feelings.   Today, I acknowledge and sit with them.

It is a practice, that I gravitate to people, whose words meet their actions.   Those individuals are living in their truth.  They represent the type of relationships I want to surround myself with and who I want to emulate.  While I have been on this treasure hunt for my authentic self, I am emerging a happier person.   People are commenting on the change.  Not that I need others affirmations, but it confirms my own beliefs that a metamorphosis is occurring.  Success, for me, is simply, finding my own truth.

My purpose in simplifying my life is to expand what I already know and live in a life that exceeds what I anticipate.  It isn’t a life that someone else lives or tells me to live, but one that makes sense to me.   My rebirth presents me with endless opportunities.   My journey isn’t really about becoming, it is more about unbecoming the person that I was.  It is shedding the skin that no longer works for me.