Square Peg ● Round Hole







We are all in a sea of dysfunction.  It amazes me how we function in the midst of it.   The undeniable situations where people accept the unacceptable, make excuses for those that are chronically inconsiderate and most of all, brush those little morsels under the rug.  It is a reality for most people that I know.   How can you avoid?  Well, you can ignore it like half the population, or you can learn to swim with it.    I simply choose to S.P.I.T. (Stop Personalizing It).

I learned a long time ago that most battles are not worth the armor.   It is simply about letting go of the argument and accepting the situation.  Those individuals are not going to change, so it is up to me to be the change I wish to see.   Recently, I had the awareness that despite those people, I live a thriving life.  They are not the root of power.  My power evolves from my own ability to no longer co-sign anyone else’s bullshit.

People are going to disappoint me.  People are going to hurt me.   The reality is that it isn’t about me.  Their circumstances, environment, and/or other individuals may cause them to act out or make hurtful decisions.  I simply need to stop personalizing it and realize that I make a choice whether to take on their baggage or not.  Today I think I will just S.P.I.T.