Square Peg ● Round Hole







I enjoy the change of the seasons.  Each one brings a sense of newness that inspires me to emerge from a stagnant pattern.    I think that is why I enjoy living in a place where the four seasons are a constant.   Keep in mind, there are times, when they are experienced in one day.   However, I  am referring to the emergence of the gentle breezes and warm sunshine that softly console me after a long cold winter.    The excitement of planning my garden to the anticipation of sitting outside and enjoying my cozy corner of the world breeds a feeling of euphoria.

The word itself entices me to take action and to seize the moment.    More daylight encourages me to spend more time in the midst of nature.   Many people might think more daylight invites them to cram in more activities, but the sense of becoming busier, only makes me want to slow down more.    I am a creature of breathing in simplicity.  Striving to uncomplicate my life, I welcome the gentleness that spring offers.  It is a reward for surviving the brutality of the winter months and an invitation to appreciate the budding flowers and trees.    Writing outdoors rejuvenates my creative aura allowing words to simply flow onto the paper.   It is with great appreciation that I welcome each season with the same reverence.  Eager for new beginnings and grateful for the chance to experience them.