Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday, I was struck by an odd sensational.   While at an interview for my column, I was perusing the home while chatting with the homeowner.   As a sophisticated woman, she exuded success.    Countless accomplishments are displayed and her worldly experiences she shared were fascinating.   I was quickly caught up in the fanfare and eager to write my column.  Practically frothing at the mouth to begin my descriptive essay, I stopped and a thought trickled into my mind.   Did she have substance?    I relived our conversation and realized through all of her success in her work, she never once mentioned other people.

Substance, to me, is built on a foundation of layers.   A person that incorporates substance can be successful in their career, but there are other components.   I am merely being an observer, but for me, my substance is built on a lifetime of experiences that include people.   The consistent relationships that change and evolve are mixed in with those relationships that are short term.   I want to have relationships that I can share the ups and downs of my life.   How can one be truly successful with no substance?

As I sat down to write my column, I was a bit saddened.   It is so easy to surround ourselves with “things”, but much harder to surround ourselves with individuals who enhance, challenge, and allow us to become the person we are meant to be.  While a short interview isn’t enough time to really get to know someone’s heart, I do hope that she has people that nurture her soul and inspire her being.