Square Peg ● Round Hole







I didn’t understand growing up that being my own person was powerful.  I didn’t think I was unique.  I didn’t even have my own identity or at the very least, I wasn’t aware.   There is something very powerful in being my own, unique individual.   The grace of learning from missed opportunities, inadequate decisions, or just underdeveloped self-esteem.   I was never comfortable in my own skin.   It was as if I had a closet full of costumes and periodically changed in order to fit in to any given situation.

What was birthed was a misconception of me.   Not really knowing who I was or how I fit in created a lack of drive or motivation to really stand out as my own person.   It was so easy to make excuses and blame it on others.  However, the only one to blame would be me.

I am not sure when the change occurred or how I stumbled upon the urge to do something different, but I do know that once it started, I felt as if I could disregard the costumes.    I could own me instead of allowing others to dictate how I should life, feel, and think.   Owning my own identity created a sense of freedom and opened my mind to endless possibilities.    I no longer dance to another person’s tune.  I make decisions that are right for me.  I stand up for myself and have regained my strength.

It has been a slow, uphill process, but reaching the peak, I have finally gotten to know this creative, spunky girl. She is truly amazing and I kinda of like her.    I am grateful to have experienced the bumps in the road that have allowed me to get to this point.    Life is spectacular.    Don’t take my word for it, take notice and be your own person.  There is power in being yourself.