Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have had some time to reflect on the events over the last few weeks.  It has allowed me to shift my focus and realize that life forces us to make difficult decisions and encourages us to proceed with a heart full of trust.  Things happen, situations unfold, and I can be plagued with obstacles.  What I know is that with the right mindset, I can be victorious.  I can be unstoppable.   That is not to say that there isn’t a process to walk through to get to my destination of acceptance.

For me, during difficult times, I turn to my writing.  Writing is a spiritual process.  It begs for my readers to listen.  Listening becomes a tool that can be powerful and courageous.    For me, life is owning what I have lost and found.  The human spirit is resilient.   It seeks to move forward and reside in peace, but only if we are so inclined.   It can’t be forced, but gently encouraged.   It is one thing to want to change, it is another to take the action.

What can emerge from the unimaginable is new growth.  The ability to capture the essence of what I want my life to be.   It isn’t mirroring another person, but rather, finding the seed within me that can blossom into something amazing.   Once it blossoms it is unstoppable.