Square Peg ● Round Hole







It is easy to get impatient while being held hostage in your home due to the weather.  After 12 inches of snow has been dumped on us, I bathed in the euphoria.  I baked homemade muffins, expressed gratitude at being warm and safe at home.   Let’s get candid.  I am human.  The euphoria has worn off a bit and I am ready for the occupants of this home aka my family, to resume their normal programming.

While we are on the topic of humanness, being in this type of situation can play tricks on your mind.   Your perception on situations might be distorted due to having your family in tight quarters.  It is imperative that in these situations, I follow a  self-care regiment.   While I am fortunate enough to have a fantastic family, they all come with a commonality…..a penis.   Sorry, if I offend anyone, but they truly believe that if everything else is closed, then they are too.   It’s funny that on any other day, they are most helpful and willing to contribute.  Apparently, snow has a different connotation.

So, how do I cope?  Well, I make sure that I ask for what I need instead of assuming these individuals can read my mind.  I take naps.  I spend a lot of time on social media, so I still feel connected to the outside world.  I remember that spring is coming and remind myself that I really do love the change of the seasons.   I keep looking at the beach house we rented and know that four weeks will fly by quickly.  Lastly, I am mindful that the days of my family being together in one home is short lived.   So take a deep breath, exhale, and be patient.  I have to remember they are stuck in here with me too and I can be a nightmare.