Square Peg ● Round Hole







Of course, as a writer of love words.  I love the sound they make, the meaning behind them, and the impact they have on people.    Unfortunately, being mindful of the impact is important.   Too many times, we say hurtful, manipulative, or unnecessary things that create a wedge.    Many times we don’t mean to say or use these words that create hard feelings, and other times we use words intentionally as a weapon.

Yesterday, I was caught in a situation where I was analyzing words that someone had texted me.  While they were offering assistance, there was a passive/aggressive tone to it.   It instantly made me annoyed because at the time, I was in a pretty stressful situation.    As I over thought my response to this individual, I was reminded that I don’t need to respond in any other way than gratitude for their willingness to assist.    In this day of modern technology, the context can be lost in translation.

As a part of my emotional cleanse, I have been more mindful of my words.   I often pause before responding to an email or text, so that I can express myself in a clear, more thoughtful manner.   It has never been my intent to harm others with semantics, but there are situations where my mouth works faster than my brain.   They roll out and instantly sting.  You can’t take them back.

My other observation is words meeting the action.   I am attracted to individuals who are impeccable with their word.    It is something I am always expressing to my boys…….action not words.   If the actions and words don’t match, then that is my ticket to exit.    Words create situations when sometimes only silence is needed.