Square Peg ● Round Hole







I use to  wonder when I became so clutter with excess obligations, then I realize that it is because I continued to say “Yes” to everything asked of me.    It isn’t that I am unwilling to be of service, it is that my service to others begins with me.   You see, if I am plagued by too much on my plate, then those I am suppose to be of service to, end up suffering.    If I volunteer, then I want to provide 100% of my attention to that particular cause.

If you know me, you recognize that I am involved….to a degree.  I am not wanting to head up anything, but rather invest my time into those causes that call my heart.   It allows me breathing space.   It also provides a fresh perspective into a new endeavor.  My favorite motto is “rotation of service is a good thing” because it allows others to contribute and encourages those who have served to step aside.

Here is another observation.  I don’t serve on boards or committees to boost my image, I do it because it feels good to contribute.   I also prefer “action” volunteering.  Seeing the results of being of service fills my soul with goodness.  It allows me to view people from a different vantage point.   Our society is so inundated with the negative, that I look to these opportunities to make my heart smile.

My breathing space is renewed at this time of the year.   Stepping up to the plate, so to speak, and preparing for all the good that I will experience by reaching out to others feeds my garden of hope. It doesn’t have to be any grand action.  It is simply the willingness to be that helping hand.