Square Peg ● Round Hole







Have you ever been to the circus?  Of course, you have.  I think all of us have been exposed to the thrills and chills of miniature clowns and tutu dancing elephants.   I dislike the circus as I am opposed to how they use wild animals, but that is for a completely different blog.  Today, I want to discuss life.   Life is basically a circus.  We each have a ring master.  I refer that role to my higher power or God, as he is commonly called.  Then you have your aerial artisans who perform great feats.  I like to refer to them as God’s angels or helpers. These helpers don’t have to be angels in a spiritual sense, as I believe that the some people we encounter are earth angels.   People placed in our path to help us.  Lastly, you have the freak show.  I lovingly refer to them as individuals who have no concept of reality.  Maybe they enjoy floating through life on an imaginary carpet or it is possible that for them, it is a survival technique.

I think we all have been freaks at one time or another.  Life isn’t necessarily a walk in the park, so an imaginary carpet ride might be the ticket to escaping pain and misery…..temporarily.   There is a level of humility that one experiences as you accept whatever trials and tribulations life brings.   Living isn’t for the weak.  It is a constant lesson in weight training.     For me, I value the opportunities that come my way and test my resilience.  I am not saying that it makes me happy, but the older I get, the more coping mechanisms I involve that get me to the other side a little quicker.

Dealing with past issues allows me to move forward instead of back.    I may forgive, but I don’t forget.  That isn’t to say I am carrying grudges or resentments, it merely points out that lessons aren’t meant to be forgotten.   In order to fully learn from those growth opportunities (remember the word “mistake” sounds ugly), I must remember them.  My circus act is far less dramatic than it used to be.