Square Peg ● Round Hole







We are all trapped in our own way of thinking.  Truth be told, we are programmed that way.  Sometimes, to reach out of my comfort zone, means to expand my curious nature.  As a writer, I am naturally interested in other people’s views.  I recently had a conversation with a friend who also parents a special needs child.  We have differing views of whether it was God’s plan or not.   It peaked my curiosity to not necessarily agree with her views, but to expand my understanding of her belief.

For me, seeking new views, asking difficult questions, ignites my creativity.     I honestly believe that we are all very interested in learning and growing, but it is the process of being uncomfortable with not being a “expert” that hinders our moving forward in that element.    Something else triggered an “ah-ah” moment for me.   It was suggested that I approach life’s conflicts with a sense of curiosity versus apprehension or resistance.   With seeking and asking questions, the issue at hand, doesn’t appear so large and overwhelming.  Instead, it is merely another venture in seeking my truth.

Being curious brings me back to my childhood where everything was fascinating.  When did I lose that sense of wonder?  Maybe being an adult has made me cynical, but I can change my outlook at anytime.   For me, approaching life with a sense of wonder makes even those most tedious ventures seem enjoyable.