Square Peg ● Round Hole







After the echoes of yesterday, a new day is a welcome shift in perception.   Grappling with life and its bumpy road, it is amazing to me that I still can become uneasy with obstacles presented to me.   Those tiny triggers that can easily topple me provide me with a greater opportunity to grow.

If you read my blog often, I write about growth opportunities through experiences a lot.  What I notice is that if the same occurrence presents itself over and over again, then apparently I need to dig deeper to figure out a way to heal.   In the depths, more information is revealed as long as I am honest with myself.

It is so easy for us to spin our reality.  Sure, it makes things appear better, but the wound of past issues is never healed until we become vulnerable.   The quicker that I expose my vulnerabilities, the faster I can identify it and move past it.     It is a vicious circle if left unhealed.    Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly do I learn these valuable lessons.   The first step is being willing to do it differently.

I know that the lessons will keep arriving.  Simply put, the older I get, the less I know. I don’t have the solutions or know the answers.  What I aware of is that all of unknowns will eventually drift away.  After all, once the student is willing the master will appear.