Square Peg ● Round Hole







I yearn to be inspired.    I aspire to write what moves me.  So what happens when there is nothing inspiring me to write?  Well, this is my blog entry of nothing.    I literally have nothing to write.  Nothing that is inspiring me.  Nothing that has a burning sense of urgency to jump on the page.

So, the beauty of this creative drought is that it allows me to just wait.  Wait for the inspiration without judgement on myself.    I tend to berate myself if I don’t write my blog everyday.   For me, the exercise of practicing my craft in my blog, gives me some creative leeway while making me accountable.   I can test the waters with my readers and examine what they most relate to.   So, when I run into a writing wall, I get a tad fearful.   It was this morning as I searched my brain for a topic, that the awareness came to me.   Writing about nothing is something.

I don’t write for self-esteem or for affirmation.   I write in an effort to unburden myself.  Many of the topics that I choose, are those that I struggle with or that I am learning from which allows me to share the wealth, so to speak. It is about being vulnerable and putting myself out there.  So, by writing about nothing, I have shared my fear of the legendary writer’s block, but I have also found solace in sharing it with you, my loyal reader.  My block won’t be around for ever, so maybe it is just an opportunity to be grateful for nothingness.