Square Peg ● Round Hole







I probably have written a piece or two about change prior to this, but it is indeed a topic worth repeating.  Change is the cornerstone for transformation.  Although uncomfortable, it opens doors to new opportunities.   For me, my instant reaction was usually a dramatic gasp followed by crippling fear.    Routine is comforting.  It breeds security, however, if I have learned anything, it is that change provides growth, challenges, and the unique experience of walking through the unknown.

Right now, I am experiencing a transition in many ways, both personally and professionally.   Let’s tackle the professionally.  I recently learned that I would be working with a new editor as my current one has chosen to follow her passion, which is art.   The reaction to this news wasn’t in typical form.  I didn’t panic.  I didn’t project.  I merely was grateful for the opportunity to work with this individual, who, by the way, put up with this novice writer in the beginning of writing my column.   More importantly, I was happy that she was following her heart.

You see, not all change is bad.  In fact, change in itself is vital to our being.   If everything stayed the same, life would become stagnant and predictable.    Grappling with that shift of perception has steered me toward a more excited approach to change versus fear.   Embrace the constant that is change.  For it can open a treasure chest full of blessings, opportunities, and most importantly, it beckons me to celebrate a new beginning.