Square Peg ● Round Hole







I think we have jumped aboard the crazy train.   It is baffling that we have allowed Facebook or any other social media out there, to dictate our worthiness.    Recently, I defriended a hand full of people.  Mostly, because their was either no interaction with them or they were inserting themselves into everything.  Either way, I clicked that button.  Now, truth be told, that should not impact anyone. I am really not that powerful.  However, with that simple action, you would have thought I had committed murder.

Social media creates a platform that our society believes is real.   I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but it’s not.  It is simply an illusion.  Everyone is playing a part.   Many put on a facade to cover their own reality.  The problem is many people are believing their own illusion which makes them not authentic.  In turn, this makes me promptly defriend those living in a rainbow world.  Truly nothing personal, I just prefer perfectly imperfect human beings.

I am really not offended when I am defriended, so I am intrigued as to why that is such a powerful concept.  Are we using social media as a measuring stick?   Have we stepped back in time and reverted to high school behavior?    I will admit that social media can host a lot of positive interactions, but, for me, I simply take what I like and leave the rest.   It is tool that I use for promoting my work along with reconnecting with those I have lost contact with, but I really don’t see the attraction beyond that.

Simply put, we are all characters playing a role.   I am not perfect, but I am real.  No pretense with me, just a middle-age woman navigating this web of new social awareness.