Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have referred to my mind as a bad neighborhood or a chronically bad movie, but more recently I am more aware of it becoming a time share.   There are three occupants……..the past, the present, and the future.   The past and the future are occupying this time share more than the present.  Hence, my lack of ability to really live my life to its full potential.

Living life means being in the moment or practicing mindfulness.   I am so easily distracted or I think that if I shower and plan my day, I am using my time wisely.  Unfortunately, the big picture is that I am wasting my time. It is an easy concept, but not a simple one to master.  Writing allows me to be fully engaged in the moment.  Words drift onto the page and I am cognitively aware of my thoughts evolving.    So, today, I have been in mind training.   Training my thoughts to be fully engaged in the here and now.   It is as simple as reciting in my head the action that I am currently participating in or the observations of the activities going on around me.

It is empowering to be fully involved.   Easily, swayed by my thoughts, the flow of catching the moments as they happen breed a new thought process that is inspired by life happening.    By capturing brief moments of being present, it makes the concept of being mindful obtainable.    Wishing a moment were something else is the absence of embracing my reality.    It is vital that we acknowledge that there is more right with us than wrong.     The past is the past and the future is unfolding, which only leaves the present to enjoy, engage in, and to appreciate.  I am eager to reclaim the ease of simply being and living my life like it matters.