Square Peg ● Round Hole







Twenty-years ago today, I gave birth to this perfectly formed human being named Bailey.   At the time, I had no idea how much he would change my life and the lives of those around him.    While it wasn’t confirmed until five days after he was born that he indeed had Down syndrome, I would spend time with him in the pediatric ICU gazing at this tiny being.   It was almost a spiritual experience as I realized, with no doubt, that there was so much more to him than the impending diagnosis.

I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t fearful.  That the unknowns of the future weren’t overwhelming.  The last twenties years have been full of triumphs and lost causes.   Illnesses that have scared me to the point I thought we would lose him.   Accomplishments that I never thought we would see.  Each moment has made me a better person.  Bailey has made me a better person.   I realize that what I have walked through has made me stronger, wiser, and a bit more patient of others.    We have conquered many obstacles, fought numerous battles, and came through the other side smarter and stronger.

While there are many unknowns still lying in wait, I do know that I wouldn’t change any of it.  He inspires just by his smile.  He loves simply by his touch and he accepts because that is truly who he is.  His spirit illuminates this dark, negative world and I am so lucky to be his mother.