Square Peg ● Round Hole







My high school reunion is fast approaching.  I don’t mind sharing that it has been thirty years since I walked across the stage to claim my diploma.  With that being said, I am quick to say I am grateful to be where I am in life.  I remember entering high school, I was eager for college.  In college, I was more eager to get a job.  Always thinking the next phase will be better instead of enjoying where I was at the time.

There is a process in life that unfolds gradually.   I am a firm believer that as long as we are breathing, there is more right with us than wrong.    Today, I soak up the present, anticipate the future, and reflect on my past.  Every step I have taken has prepared me for this moment.  I don’t long to be in my twenties as I find my forties pretty fabulous.

Here are some tidbits that I have learned.  If you are invested in certainty and security, you will struggle.  You will be hindered with disappointment.  Life is full of unknowns and lots of uncertainty.  Change is inevitable, but also amazing.    The human experience invites us to take that leap of faith.

Fear is the natural reaction to moving toward the truth.  Yes, being fearful can be paralyzing if you allow it to be, or it can be your teachable moment.  Totally your choice.    Fear is merely the clouds temporarily blocking the sun.

My favorite lesson is the ability to take my pain and transform it into joy.  Celebrating, embracing, and welcoming it in, allows me the opportunity to really feel.  Don’t take embracing it to mean dwelling in it.  No dwelling allowed, but in order to walk through it, it needs to be acknowledged.

In the end, we are perfectly imperfect, so it really is vital to become the very best version of yourself. Be amazing.  More importantly, be your authentic self.